Dreadtober, Week 4

Published on 28 October 2022 at 23:40

The end of Week 4, and the finale!  I stayed up way past my old-man bedtime to get the Jaeger-Kan done!  Still a few minor things I'd like to work on, but she's easily 'Battle Ready'.  I added ejecting brass coming from the big shoota, and added some hydraulics in unimaginative gray to the Kan Klaw.  I'm really pleased with how the mess of cabling and hoses that I added to the Klaw worked out.  I would have liked to spend more time, and a few things would've been done differently now that I've finished.  Good news is that there are two more to be kitbashed and painted, so I'll get that chance x2!! Special thanks to Marc van Holst for putting Dreadtober together, and special thanks also to The Makers Cult, whose Iron Hive mini I printed and the kitbashed into a glorious chariot for my grot!  #Dreadtober2022 #Orktober #TheMakersCult


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