Dreadtober is almost here!

Published on 30 September 2022 at 11:20

Dreadtober is an annual event where a bunch of people build and paint a dreadnought (or the equivalent model on at least a 60mm diameter base) in the month of Orktober.  I will be kitbashing a Killa Kan in the style of Pacific Rim, using a base model sculpted by The Makers Cult.  The idea is that my warband tangled with some Tyrranids, and decided that these ones needed to be LOOTED.  So there are biological parts and mechanical parts, and the grot who drives it will be where the head went, using a control rig to pilot the vehicle.  There are two more of these in the unit to be built, but I'm just doing this one for Dreadtober.  Pic: The project, with the grot who will be converted into the pilot.  #Orks #TheMakersCult #Dreadtober #Orktober

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